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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Global Warming Debate

Debating the science. Crichton, Lindzen, Stott, Ekwurzel, Schmidt and Somerville. March 14, 2007. New York City. Really.

Update:The results of the debate are in:

Global warming is not a crisis
Intelligence² US audience confirms 46.22% to 42.22% in favor of the motion.
thanks to reader another_sean for the link.

Update (Mar 15, 2007): the debate transcript is here. (pdf)


Another_Sean said...

It looks like the debate will show up on the NPR download page sometime in the near future (they have the previous debates in the IQ2 series here):
Looking at the event information (, I see that the "Good Guys" won!

molarmauler said...

I love the fact that while the undecideds remained unchanged, the 'For' side drew from the 'Against' crowd to come from 30% before the debate to 46% after the debate. They managed to come from behind for this one. It bodes well and I can't wait for the transcript.