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Monday, February 4, 2008

Suzuki calls to jail politicians

First they came for the editors and columnists with the assaults on free speech through Canada's very own politically correct kangaroo courts, ironically known as "Human Rights Commissions".

Now comes a rallying call to stifle all debate on climate change: Jail politicians who ignore science: Suzuki.

Suzuki, of course means those politicians who ignore his version of science, a.k.a. the computer modelled doomsday projections of the IPCC. Suzuki would probably like to silence the growing number of skeptical scientists as well as those nasty politicians.

Jailing political opponents is something we once thought only happened in third world dictatorships or Communist countries. Think again. David Suzuki and the political left in Canada would love to do the same thing here. Let's just put Suzuki and his High Priest Al Gore in charge of the world. They know what's best for us.

No need for free speech or democracy here anymore.

There's an interesting discussion about free speech at Free Dominion:

Eye Weekly, Toronto's left-wing freebie magazine, gets it. They disagree with me and the late, great Western Standard on just about everything. But they know that if a conservative publisher can be hauled before the government today, it will be a leftist publisher tomorrow. Here's an excerpt from their latest editorial:

"...there are things on which civilized people from across the political spectrum agree, basic assumptions that are necessary prerequisites to the functioning of a democracy: that only open debate and the airing of conflicting opinions produces progress, and that everyone is entitled to due process before the court system. The things that keep us safe from totalitarianism are free speech and due process. That the human rights commissions of BC, Alberta and the federal government are even hearing these complaints endangers both.

...Human Rights Commissions, who may still serve some purpose as an informal way for victims of employment and housing discrimination to find redress, need to be reined in. They should have no jurisdiction to restrict or stand in judgment of freedom of speech and of the press."

Eye Weekly knows this isn't a battle between the left and the right on the spectrum of ideas. It's a battle between everyone inthe spectrum of ideas, against those who would attack the very notion of a spectrum of ideas.

Free speech is under attack. From the political Left. Environmentalism has become the means to enact the socialist agenda. David Suzuki has just shown us the lengths the Left is willing to go in order to accomplish that.

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