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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dion's tax grab

With Canadians facing record prices for gasoline, the current leader of the Liberal Party, Stéphane Dion is about to offer a solution that scares even his own MPs... higher taxes on gasoline (and other carbon based fuels).

There's a definition for this kind of thinking.
It's called insanity.


Anonymous said...

Dam! We are fools, one and all! Look up Dion's Bio, poor bastard studied political science at a reputable European School after obtaining a couple of degrees here. He is such a fool as to think politicians can make their case and still be polite and respectful. He even has the nerve to suggest his work on climate change at the UN was a worthy venture but only got a paltry 182 countries on board. So what if the motion was past under his chairmanship. He should never have thought that a man that can get a done deal from 182 countries would be able to deal with a single governing body. Well, watch out!, This boy is on the move and he will be back, big, bold and in your face, because this is what the masses of unwashed want in a leader. Boy, we should be proud!

Anonymous said...

Foot Note:
Dion said a million times over, Gas Tax at the pumps is already higher than his carbon tax. He would not have charged a dime more for fuel. His plan was income neutral and CAP & TRADE IS A TAX Based program! Just a really fuzzy one that Layton lied about and ALL PARTIES say CAP & TRADE but that is a secondary step! Fools! WAKE UP! We blue & believe me, we will pay dearly before the next RED TIDE!

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

Jennifer, I think you should lay off the kool-aid a bit. BTW, I hope that Stephane will stay on as Liberal leader.