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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Merkel shifting gears on climate policy

Spiegel Online senses a major shift in climate policy by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, once the hero of environmentalists.

The job of saving the earth, once a matter for the chancellor herself, has been delegated once again to state secretaries, backbenchers and minor officials. It has lost its oomph and momentum, and the entire affair has clearly been made to conform to the chancellor's priorities. Germany's contribution to climate protection is gradually entering the realm of the vague and the unclear.
Seems the German voters are paying more attention to skyrocketing energy prices than they are to "climate change" and saving the planet. And Spiegel laments that the one opponent that she (the "climate Chancellor") "can't bear confronting is the German voter".

I think that's referred to as democracy.

It's so sad when an elected leader decides to listen to her constituents instead of the climate alarmists. The Spiegel authors continue their lament...
The German Economics Ministry has always been skeptical of concrete climate policy. But now it seems officials there could best be described as radically skeptical.
What is the world coming to? Climate skeptics in government? Democracy? Outrageous!

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