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Monday, December 1, 2008

Jack and Gilles... and Dion

Jack and Gilles went up the Hill
To plot a scheme of takeover... (audio)

Little ditty about Jack and Dion,
2 Canadian kids growing up in fantasy land,
Jacky's gonna be a political star,
Dion a debutante back seat of Jacky's car.

With apologies to John Mellencamp.

Stephane Dion. Still not a leader.


Anonymous said...

We are doomed if these three stooges get access to the check book.

Get what ever money you have out of canadian stocks.... fast.

These idiots will take us all down.

Francois said...

They can't take down the gouvernement.

They took the bate that Harper gave them. They played their coalition cards on the fact that Harper wants to cut party money, strike right, and all.

Now that Harper has backed on theses points, what's left ?
Only the view point on the economy.
Their cards are on the table and they can't really go back.

But the Conservative Party has been elected on this view of the economy.
If they take down the gouvernement, there is no way to say that democracy is not working, Canadian voted this a few weeks ago.

We will have to go back to an election and they will take the blame for it.

Zookeeper said...

Cooler heads ought to prevail, but it was disheartening to see the CBC commentators evident glee when the story first broke.

I think the Lib and NDP leaders have become so used to seeing the Bloc guys a few seats over, that they have forgotten what the Bloc stands for.

Talk about an example of the dangers of reckless inclusivity. They may never live it down.