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Sunday, January 4, 2009

EU Leadership: Vaclav Klaus

A somewhat surprising statement from the European Union Presidency yesterday:

"At the moment, from the perspective of the last days, we understand this step as a defensive, not offensive, action," Czech EU presidency spokesman Jiri Potuznik said.
Of course, Israel's actions are defensive. But perhaps this statement is not so surprising considering that the Czech Republic now holds the Presidency of the EU. That would be Vaclav Klaus, who's frank talk and common sense is not limited to topics like global warming.

Update: More level headed comments from German Chancellor Angela Merkel: the responsibility for the conflict lies "clearly and exclusively" with Hamas.

Michael Bloomberg heads to Israel to show his support.

George W Bush: Hamas is entirely responsible for the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Also of interest Robert Fulford: Israel vs. Hamas; civilization vs. terror, Victor Davis Hanson: Surreal Gaza, Roger L. Simon: Israel Alone, Melanie Phillips: the Moral Battleground, John Hinderaker: Internecine Warfare

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Louise said...

Hallelujah for the Czech Republic. At last there is some sense in Europe.