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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Canada frosts the most widespread in recent memory

More evidence of global cooling via Reuters, Tue Jun 9, 2009 1:54pm EDT:

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (Reuters) - The multiple frosts that have blanketed Western Canada in the last week are the most widespread in the top canola-growing province of Saskatchewan in at least five years, the Canola Council of Canada said on Tuesday.
In Manitoba, the frost is the worst in memory for its frequency and area covered, said Derwyn Hammond, the province's senior agronomy specialist for the Canola Council.
Despite what you might hear from the global warming alarmists, 2009 is shaping up to be one of the coolest years in quite a while. More from Joe Bastardi's European blog. Note that Bastardi's previous forecast has now been "updated" at Accuweather but has been preserved for posterity by Anthony Watt.
According to Long Range Expert Joe Bastardi, areas from the northern Plains into the Northeast will have a “year without a summer.” The jet stream, which is suppressed abnormally south this spring, is also suppressing the number of thunderstorms that can form.
Yikes indeed!


Anonymous said...




I was driving a car and didn't crash it, therefore, car crashes never happen.


Realtor in Toronto said...

And here comes the Global cooling, I'm loving it. I just wish I could see Al Gore's face if this cooling trend continues.

Take care, Elli

Anonymous said...

DOOOOOI! Elli is lovin' it! MAC ATTACK!

Global cooling is a phenomenon after 2 years! DOOOOOOOOI!

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

Hmmm, the climate has been cooling since 1998. Let's see... 2009 minus 1998. Yeah, that's about 2 years, isn't it?

I can see why you sign as anonymous, with math skills like yours!

Louise said...

I was so hoping the warmists had it right.

Anonymous said...

"Warmists"? Not everything has to be an "ist" Louise.


Wow, a trend of climate cooling since 1998? DOOOOOOOOOOI!!!!