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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The hoards of protesters at the gates in Copenhagen

Via Peter Foster in the National Post on James Hansen, Maurice Strong, the IPCC and the "mob rule" strategy employed by global warm-mongers.

Like Mr. Gore, Mr. Hansen recommends direct action. In his new book, Storms of My Grandchildren, he writes: "As in other struggles for justice against powerful forces, it may be necessary to take to the streets to draw attention to injustice. Civil resistance may be our best hope. It is crucial for all of us, especially young people, to get involved. This will be the most urgent fight of our lives."


Mr. Strong himself hasn't been so prominent since the Iraqi oil-for-food fiasco, but he is involved in something called The Global Observatory, GO, an organization designed to act as "a catalyst, bridging the gap between those responsible for making the decisions at [Copenhagen] and the public."

GO was set up by Jose Maria Figueres, a former President of Costa Rica. Exactly what Mr. Figueres has in mind when he talks about "bringing the public into negotiations" is clear from a clip available on YouTube, in which he frankly admits that the key to getting the "right" decisions is using NGOs to assemble mobs to pressure politicians. Mr. Figueres says that he's not willing to leave the future of his children in the hands of the 1,500 negotiators at Copenhagen, so his plan was to set up a "tent" at the meeting in which there would be scientific experts (He mentions Mr. Hansen). If such scientists declared that, say, Costa Rica was "backtracking," then GO would get on the phone to select NGOs, who could have a mob outside the presidential palace in 45 minutes.

Be sure to watch the video at the link above. You'll better understand how the hoards of protesters wound up at the gates in Copenhagen.

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