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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Climategate Rally at Penn State

The warmists may not like it, but the climate debate is not settled. Case in point, this demonstration on the campus of Penn State.

I love that picture of the two warmists holding their "global warming is real" sign in the snow. Click to watch the video.

The rally came on the heels of released results from an internal peer investigation earlier this week.

The committee decided that there is no substantial information to pursue an investigation into three of the four misconduct allegations against Dr. Mann.

Leading the local Young Americans for Freedom group requesting an external investigation, Samuel Settle told WJAC-TV Friday that he doubts the committee of peers could be unbiased.

“For the sake of the university, for the sake of his reputation, for the sake of our reputations as students and community members, we need to come out and make it clear to the university that this is not what we consider acceptable,” said Settle. “We ask; we demand an external investigation of this."

Bette Jackson believes that an independent probe into academic misconduct allegations is necessary.

"I know if I were Dr. Mann, I would want impartial people to take a thorough look at my career and make sure that there were no blemishes on it," said Jackson.


Anonymous said...

When I visit your site, I think it is hacked. It immediately redirects to a form at ITT technical institute. You should probably modify your blog software to not allow scripts to be imbedded. Someone who obviously doesn't want your material read probably entered the script in a post.

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

Yes, I've had this happen to me on occasion too. The blog is hosted by Blogspot and I can only modify certain parameters. I will keep an eye out for suspicious comments that might contain scripts. Thanks for the tip.