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Thursday, January 27, 2011

CFLs disappoint

"Green" states like California are finding out that compact fluorescent lamps are not all they were cracked up to be.

It was all flowers and roses when the state of California launched its $548M USD program to help promote consumer use of compact fluorescent lamps. Manufacturers and utilities were onboard because they received bonus pay to enact rebate programs. Citizens were happy as they received cheap CFL bulbs, which promised to save them money on power expenses. And the politicians were happy, as they looked sufficiently "green" to satisfy the eco-minded voters.

Now that utopian vision of futuristic lighting has dissolved into rancor and disappointment. A multi-million dollar program by the state designed to evaluate the actual results has concluded that energy savings were not as good as expected and that utilities were being over-rewarded for their performance.
Emphasis added. Unfortunately, Ontario is unwilling to see the failures of other jurisdictions in the so called "green economy". It's full steam ahead here with CFLs, wind and solar power - all unaffordable and unsustainable without heavy subsidies from taxpayers.

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