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Friday, May 6, 2011

Dissatisfied with Bell?

Many of us are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with Bell TV over the Sun News controversy and with Bell services in general. I for one, got rid of most of my services from Bell years ago. Cell phone service - gone! Internet service - gone! I still have telephone and satellite TV with Bell, but that may not be for much longer. I'm looking into service from Shaw and if everything works out, I will be a former Bell TV customer very soon.

I found this Bell horror story over at Kathy Shaidle's blog. Not surprisingly, the author - an AFGHANISTAN veteran- calls it, "Screw You Bell"

Back in December, the Mother in Law gives the wife a cell phone. It’s pink and doesn’t have a plan, ‘cause it’s bought free and clear.

So the wife gets home, and since our internet is with Bell, she goes ahead and gets a minimal plan with them. ‘So many minutes/month, and what you don’t use carries over.’ No texting or any other bells and whistles. The cost as promised, $35.

And since the land line phone was originally in my name, and I’m in Afghanistan at the time, they make an exception, not to worry, it’ll be added to the bell bill “…so you know what to pay.”

First bill gets in, its $180, give or take.

It gets worse. Please read it all and be sure to share your Bell horror stories in the comments.

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