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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Goldstein: Kyoto is globalization

In today's Toronto Sun, Lorrie Goldstein asks why anti-globalization protesters are siding with the west on Kyoto despite strong objections of developing nations:

Question: Why aren't anti-globalization protesters at this week's G8 meeting in Germany up in arms over the Kyoto accord?

Kyoto is an example of the worst aspects of globalization these protesters perpetually complain about.

It's a global treaty being driven by the First World to address a problem it created, which it is now attempting to fix by imposing a solution on the Third World, over its objections.

Worse, the solution is to deny the Third World the tool the First World employed to improve its living standards -- using fossil fuels to create advanced technological/industrial societies.

Only an anti-globalization protester, apparently, fails to understand the irony of Britain, France and Germany, given their imperialist pasts, telling China, India and the nations of Africa that they must forgo using their own fossil fuels to do what they did.

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