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Monday, June 4, 2007

Harris responds to attacks

Tom Harris responds to criticism from a letter writer in the Owen Sound Sun Times.

I certainly hope Queen's University professor John Smol insists that his student Kyle McIver is more careful and considerate in his studies than he is in his activism ("Credibility of authors of climate change article questioned", letter, May 15).

Careful, because much of what McIver says is either groundless or entirely misleading. Considerate, because a quick phone call to either Dr. Ball or myself (our phone numbers are prominent on would have revealed that much of what passes for "fact" on the Web about us is simply fabricated by people who seem bent on discrediting us. That McIver would regurgitate what amounts to rumour and innuendo without engaging in basic fact checking is most unfortunate.

[...] aside from self-evident statements such as "the science of climate change is real," he makes no reference to the vitally important science presented in our article; he merely engages in ad hominem attacks against us. The climate change issue is far too important for advocates of differing points of view to resort to such base tactics.
This "shoot the messenger" strategy of the climate alarmists has been going on far too long. I'm glad to see such a well stated rebuttal. Well done, Mr. Harris. Well done.

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John Nicklin said...

deSmogBlog has its effect on people. The simple minded just lap up the crap that deSmog puts out. The site comes extremely close to slander and lible regularly, especially in Tim Ball's case, they have a real hate on for Dr. Ball and gullible people like McIvor just parrot what they read.

I'd give him an F for not doing his homework.