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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Epicycles of Global Warming

How are the "True Believers" of anthropogenic global warming coping with the reality of this coldest of cold winters and an observed annual drop in temperature of 0.6 Degrees? Well, it seems that they're hopping on their "epicycles" and peddling them as hard and as furious as they can.

Courtesy of American Thinker.

Today we see a spate of new computer models showing up in science journals, each one attempting to rescue some piece of the ecological goose that laid the golden egg. These are often not called "models." With utter dishonesty, they are labeled "new studies of the climate." But they are not empirical studies at all. They are little math models with new epicycles, but still based on the same gross oversimplifications. To reassure the True Believers, they always end with the same punch line: Yes, Virginia, there really is a global warming faerie, and all the doom-sayers are right.

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