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Saturday, March 29, 2008

The whacky world of the Canadian Human Rights Commission

The dirt is coming out about the thought police who staff the Canadian Human Rights Commission:

Bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart is alive and well, and works for the Canadian Human Rights Commission. And under an assumed name, it seems.

Even those of us advocating human rights commission reform, and thus inclined to think the less of them, have been amazed this week by what goes on at the CHRC, as revealed by a tribunal prosecuting alleged hatemonger Marc Lemire.

There we were, making abstract arguments about free speech and quoting Voltaire.

There the federal snivel servants were, logging onto Internet hate sites under assumed names, trying to conceal what they were up to by using the wireless Internet account belonging to a young woman who seems to be completely uninvolved in any of it and, according to Lemire, trying to entrap people who visited his site.

Only the unusual circumstance of these people being publicly cross-examined brought any of this to light.

Boy, did we ever not quite get it. We thought this was a high-minded disagreement over fundamental principles. Instead, we find the CHRC tolerates sleazy behaviours among its investigating officers that have no place in a free society.

A quick backgrounder.
Straight to the point, Mark Steyn asks, What proportion of Canada's "white supremacists" are, in fact, government employees?

See also Ezra Levant.

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