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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Antarctic sea ice at record levels

Some facts you're not likely to hear about from the mainstream media. By Joe D’Aleo.

The Antarctic set a new record (since records began in 1979) for sea ice extent at the end of last winter. It stayed well above the normal through the summer with icemelt 40% below the normal. As a new height of irony and hype, the media made a big deal about a fracture of a small part of the Wilkins ice sheet in late February (160 square miles of the 6 million square mile Antarctic ice sheet (0.0027% of the total).

Media headlines blared: Bye-bye, Antarctica? and Massive ice shelf collapsing off Antarctica.

But as you can see from this Cryosphere chart below, the extent never dropped to less than 1 million square km ABOVE NORMAL during or after the brief event. Currently Antarctic ice extent is running nearly 1 million square kilometers higher than last year at this time. Peak comes at the end of the southern winter (September).

This chart, also from Cryosphere, shows the Global Sea Ice Area from 1979 to present. It begs the question, where's the melt?


John Nicklin said...

But Gore and Hansen said the ice is melting damit. Let's not get confused by observations, the models have spoken. ;^)

Zookeeper said...

All observations validate the belief system known as Climate Change. Drought, flood, heat, cold, average, extreme, all can be interpreted to support this orthodoxy.

In logic this is known as a tautology. Therefore the word of the week is ClimaTautology and its practitioners (their numbers are legion) are ClimaTautologists.

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