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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Global Warming Scam

Victoria Hardy writes in the American Chronicle:

Seems we bought the global warming myth hook, line and sinker, but of course it was sold to us impressively, with glitzy Hollywood stars on Oprah, Gore winning an Academy Award and "An Inconvenient Truth" being shown as truth in our schools. What we seemingly fail to understand, though, is that the climate on the earth changes, it always has and it always will, it is not something we can control. Continents have shifted, societies and animals have gone extinct, storms and floods have ravaged and mountains have been born, the earth changes and those changes are beyond our control. And attempting to control this myth of global warming is causing far more harm than good.


Zookeeper said...

Adapt, move or perish. The choices faces our forebears remain the same today.

Interesting how reducing CO2 levels is now equated with helping the environment. If we construe "the environment" as "the biosphere" then INCREASING CO2 levels helps the environment.


Anonymous said...

why isn't al gore stripped of his nobel peace prize ? everyone knows he has lied on misled to get what he wanted.. thats friggin wrong in my world. what about yours ????? thank you for the chance to speak..tim