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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Goldstein: Kyoto train wreck

In today's Toronto Sun, Lorrie Goldstein writes:

Kyoto is a socialist, money-sucking scheme. Why don't the Conservatives just say it?
Well, Prime Minister Stephen Harper once did say that, when he called Kyoto a socialist scheme designed to suck money out of wealth producing nations. He was right. But as Goldstein says, Harper is now paying lip service to Kyoto as part of his strategy to win the next election.
...voters know when politicians are bulls...ting them.
Is there no politician left anywhere in Canada who is willing to stand up to the alarmist nonsense and do the right thing before we commit Kyotocide?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Goldstine get it and so does Harper.
Harper does however need vots from a country of brainwahsed unwashed.
If we get Dion or Laiton, we are sunk so Harper is doing exactly what is best for the country.
Play along and delay while the science catches up.
Great Blog BTW. One of my favourates.