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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Gov. Palin on Polar Bears, etc.

John McCain's VP nominee discusses energy independence, drilling in ANWR and polar bears with CNN's Glenn Beck during this interview originally aired in June of this year.

via Newsbusters

Update: I just watched a fascinating interview with Gov. Palin by Maria Bartiromo on CNBC. Partial video here.

One thing for sure, Sarah Palin is going to shake up this election campaign. She has real answers for America's energy questions. And she has a track record of dealing with the oil industry in a practical, ethical and environmentally conscious manner - all the while protecting the interests of her shareholders, the people of Alaska.

She's not solely focused on developing non-renewables like oil and natural gas. As Governor she has recognized the need for, and funded other sources of energy, particularly renewables like wind and tide.

The more I see of Gov. Palin, the more I am convinced that John McCain made the right choice for his VP running mate. She makes a lot of sense and could really shake up Washington. If her ideas and principles can applied on a national scale she could actually get the US moving towards energy independence.

Perhaps the ticket should be Palin-McCain.


Zookeeper said...

I am fascinated to see how the national media will deal with her. She is one of the few politicians whose private life is an example of everyday living. She is sharp but far from mainstream because she represents a traditional approach to life.

People who attack her might be interpreted as being mean-spirited or smug. It is one thing for a reporter to test the authenticity of a wealthy politician's commitment to the man in the street. Sarah Palin is married to the man in the street and they carry equal burdens.

John Nicklin said...

The media hates Palin, she might put Obama's coronation in danger. The personal attacks that the media is unleashing are just proof of their bottom feeding nature. Its one thing to evaluate the abilities of a candidate, its another thing entirely to bring her children into the equation.

Palin has more direct executive experience than Obama, Biden, and McCain. Their record includes sitting in the senate. Her record includes actual adminsitrative work, actually governing. But the media make her out to be the light weight because she didn't get a passport until 2007? Maybe she was too busy paying attention to her job to be off flitting around the world having her picture taken.

The Obama crowd is scared and they will get nasty. The press will aid them. Politics is a nasty business.

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

John, you are right on all counts. The liberal media have exposed themselves on this one. They are nothing but surrogates for the Obama campaign. I expect the American voters will see this and there will be a huge backlash.

The left is very frightened of Sarah Palin, hence the viciousness of their attacks.

She is their antithesis, a tremendously successful woman with a family and family values. She's a conservative and wildly popular in her home state. Not to mention she knows a bit about energy!

I can't wait for the debate between her and Papa Jo Biden.

John Nicklin said...

Yep, they are running scared.

After her speech tonight, the pundits tried to say that Obama has lots of adminsitrative experience, he ran a successful campaign for the last year after all. Except that he didn't run it, his handlers did. And he'll take the same tack if elected, his handlers will run the show.

The only weak point for Palin is that she is second to McCain. He's not so strong. He is getting some good buildup though and she might carry the day for him.

I was affraid that the Obama camp would run away with this election, I'm not anymore.