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Friday, April 10, 2009

Climate Depot

Marc Morano no longer works for Senator James Inhofe. But Morano has expanded his campaign to bring reality to the climate change debate with his new website.

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dgmdan said...

Do you actually listen to the scientists that do climate research? In the mid 1990's most of them were skeptical of global warming and they set about doing research to find the causes. As it turns out they have eliminated most of the possibilities for global warming except one. Also, a point that is missed by most deniers, the temperatures around the world are averaged to find the temperature trend. A few places are cooler, a few hotter, but the average of those temperatures has been increasing.

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

@ dgmdan, Oh I do most certainly listen to the scientists. Many of them are quoted here on this blog if you would care to read them.

And most real scientists will tell you that CO2 is not causing the climate to warm. In fact, most real scientists recognize that the earth has been cooling since 1998.

I'm afraid that you've been listening to the likes of the Goreacle and kooky Suzuki. Too bad.

Climate alarmism is a big business and the fear mongers are making out like bandits.

But don't worry dgmdan, your hero Obama is going to implement a huge carbon tax so you and I can pay to lower those harmless emissions of CO2.

dgmdan said...

A Dog Named Kyoto, I am refering to scientists that have been doing the research. Of them, there are only a few that are still skeptical. If you want to read what the scientists say who are doing the research please see . Even during global warming there are warming and cooling periods, it's part of the natural weather pattern(google "Pinatubo effect") . The earth has been cooling since 1998 since that was a record warm year, unfortunately many of the years after that were near record warm years. That does not equate to global cooling. If the average global temperature were going down we would need quite a few near record cold years to make up for the near record warm years since 1998. The average tempurature during the last 10 years is higher than the average tempurature of the previous 10 years. (who are Goreacle and kooky Suzuki?)

dgmdan said...

"Goreacle", you must be refering to Al Gore. He does not do climate research so I do not listen to him.

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

Perhaps you should spend your time reading what the majority of scientists have to say about AGW, instead of the propaganda at realclimate.

see More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2009.

or Over 400 Prominent Scientists Disputed Man-Made Global Warming Claims in 2007.

See a trend here? The number of "deniers" is increasing!

Or how about 32,000 Scientists reject AGW "consensus".

If you still want to believe the propaganda from the UN's 52 global warming scientists, then maybe you should check out The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon. An excellent book based on Solomon's series of articles in the National Post.

Here are some more books you might try reading.

I could go on and on but somehow I don't think that you really want to pay attention. Man made global warming is a theory that has been thoroughly debunked by many, many real scientists. It remains popular with folks like you because it has become something of a cult following, a pseudo-religion. I sense that you are a "believer", but a believer in what? A theory that is widely promoted but unsupported by fact.

AGW has been so entrenched by ill informed politicians that many scientists feel too intimidated to speak out against it. But the numbers are growing as you see from above.

But if you want to really understand what AGW is all about, you need to follow the money. Scientists who do pro global warming research get the big government grants. Skeptics do not. AGW is a scheme designed to redistribute wealth. Governments will be able to raise taxes and increase their power through carbon regulations and "cap and trade" schemes. The wealth of the "rich" western capitalist countries will be transferred to "poor" 3rd world countries which are often poor because of the mismanagement of their economies by the socialist dictators who run them.

AGW is the great fraud of our time. It's sad really.