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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's a party!

A National Tea Party! Here's just some of the events happening today as the "silent majority" mobilizes to protest high taxes and out of control government spending.

Washington: Olympia: The national Tax Day Tea Party brought the largest rally of the year to the Washington Capitol. The State Patrol estimates the noon crowd at more than 5,000. There are a number of signs in the crowd: “Socialism never succeeds,” “Nazis were socialists too,” and “I am not your ATM.”

Florida: Ocala: Crowd estimated at 1,000 - Many in attendance waved “Don’t Tread on Me” flags or signs that read messages like “Enough is Enough,” “Encourage capitalism, not socialism,” and “Let them eat pork.”

Wisconsin: Madison: Over 5,000 protest - the Democrats in charge don’t care about the concerns of taxpayers - they just want people to “pay up and shut up.”

South Dakota: Sioux Falls: 3,000 protest - The re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party carried a modern-day twist with boxes labeled “Tarp,” “Bailout” and “`Higher taxes.” The crowd chanted “`Dump that tea” as two men in colonist garb threw the boxes out of a replica of a sailboat from the nation’s earliest days.

Tennessee: Knoxville: Ampitheater overflows with 1,200 - Another sign said: “We the people, not we the GOVERNMENT” “Impeach them all - ASAP” “Attention Washington: You have run out of our money”
Click the link above for more. Or check out

Meanwhile, at the Washington Post Grover Norquist gives credit where credit is due:
The rallies were organized by three folks. Obama, Reid and Pelosi. The massive stimulus bill (NB: Stimulus is a french word for 'spending') has angered and scared a great number of Americans.
Just how many Tea Parties are there today? Click here for an incredible map.

Be sure to check in with Glenn Reynolds and Kate at SDA and of course Michelle is all over this - with a nice history of this grass roots movement too.

Pajamas Media has live video coverage here.

And don't forget about the mainstream media. Oops, it looks like Fox News has the scoop on the rest of the MSM. How odd! Here's links to Sean Hannity outside the CNN headquarters in Atlanta and Glenn Beck, who's at the Alamo.

Let's hope the folks in Washington are paying attention.

Update: Ted Nugent just played the national anthem at the Tea Party at the Alamo. It was carried live on Fox. Awesome. Glenn Beck is interviewing Pen Jillette right now.

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