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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Coalition is not dead

Steve Janke offers this:

Alfred Apps, president of the Liberal Party has let slip a critical Liberal Party secret.
That "secret" is that "the Liberal Party of Canada is postponing the 2011 Biennial Convention, which had been scheduled for June 17-18 in Ottawa".

The Liberal Party constitution requires a leadership review following a loss in a general election. It's pretty clear that Count Iggy won't win the election and a leadership review will be mandatory come June.

But what if Harper's Conservatives fail to win a majority and form another minority government? What if the government introduces a new budget and the opposition parties combine forces to defeat it? Then the Coalition Accord - which is legally binding until June 30, 2011 - comes into play.

Count Iggy must ensure that he is not ousted by a pesky mandatory leadership review before the budget can be defeated and he has the opportunity to put the coalition into effect. So the convention must be delayed. Mid-June is just way too close for comfort.

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