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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Is Iggy anti-Israel?

You have to wonder after a close examination of statements that Count Iggy made during the English language debates. An analysis by David Frum:

Past Liberal governments have played a double game in the Middle East. Prime ministers and foreign ministers have declared friendship to Israel. Yet those same prime ministers and foreign ministers allowed their bureaucracies to pursue very different policies. And they funded NGOs that veered in even more strongly anti-Israel directions.

The Harper government ended these practices. There is not a big difference between what the Harper government and the previous Martin and Chrétien governments said about the Middle East. But there is a big difference between what those governments have done. The Harper government’s actions have been consistent with its words. The Chrétien and Martin governments’ actions were not.

Ignatieff took time in the leaders’ debate to signal that if he should become prime minister, the old ways on the Middle East would return.

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JR said...

A good column by Frum (for a change). "Duplicity" - the Liberal default position on nearly everything.