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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Beck's Climate of Fear

Glenn Becks global warming documentary last night on CNN was well done. Admittedly one-sided, Beck's report covered a lot of information that you quite simply won't hear from the main stream media - and gave a voice to a number of global warming skeptics.

Here's a report via

If you missed it last night, Glenn Beck’s skeptical program about anthropogenic global warming, “Climate of Fear,” aired on CNN Headline News.

In it, Beck skewered many of the misnomers advanced by global warming alarmists, especially soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore (full transcript available here).

Video (3:05): Real (2.28 MB) or Windows (1.90 MB), plus MP3 (2.83 MB).

The video clips above are of just the first few minutes of the show. If anyone knows where the full video is, please post a link in the comments.

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