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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cool the Kyoto hot air

This editorial today was a bit surprising:

It's time to cool the rhetoric on global warming. While there's room for debate on climate change, demonizing people who hold a different view won't do the planet any good.

Canadians need to strike the best balance between economic growth and driving down greenhouse gas emissions. Not to try to outdo each other in name-calling.
Why did I find this editorial to be so surprising? After all, this type of sentiment has appeared in the press before. No, it wasn't what was being said, it was where it was being said.

When a paper like the Red Star argues for more debate on climate change, it gives hope that all the fear-mongering from the likes of Suzuki, the Goracle and Dion and all the hype and hysteria promoted by the media hasn't had the desired effect.

Bring on the debate.

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Josh Fahey said...

This is a good sign. I think more and more we will start to see at least a little more skepticism. Which make people like you and I look less crazy.
What did you think of the Beck program? It was more comprehensive than I thought it would be. I'd like to post that video when its available, but I haven't found it yet. Can we do a link exchange?
I've already added you. Your blog is the most similar and one of the more interesting blogs I have seen.