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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bush calls for greenhouse gas targets by 2008

Apparently there a no politicians remaining who are able to withstand the political pressure of the climate change alarmists.

Via the Financial Times: Bush in U-turn on global warming

George W. Bush on Thursday unveiled a striking about-face on global warming, calling on the world’s leading economies to join the US in agreeing a global target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions before the end of his term in office.

The US president was speaking just ahead of a G8 summit at which climate change was expected to be high on the agenda of European governments. He explained that his apparent conversion – which follows almost seven years of having rejected precisely the road he outlined – was prompted by new scientific findings.

But Mr Bush made no pledge on the size of emissions cuts that the US would be prepared to sign up to and gave no indication of a timeframe. The White House also ruled out carbon trading as the way to cutting emissions.

Too bad for Al Gore. Looks like he won't be making $billions selling carbon indulgences under the Bush administration.

Environmental campaigners accused the president of cynically seeking to circumvent the Kyoto process, which the United Nations is seeking to renew at talks in December. Others accused him of a ploy to derail tougher European proposals.

Mr Bush said: “Science has deepened our understanding of climate change and opened new possibilities for confronting it.

“By the end of next year, America and other nations will set a long-term global goal for reducing greenhouse gases.”

The US favours reliance on technology and the removal of trade barriers to spread that technology as opposed to the European approach of cap and trade and an unworkable 2 Degree C temperature cap.

Reuters video.

Update: more from Global Warming Hysteria:
There are growing signs that it is not the United States that is isolated on international climate politics, but the Europeans. Apparently, neither the Americans, nor China, nor India, and possibly not even Russia, are swinging in behind Europe's position.


Anonymous said...

There's no denying that the Gores and the environmentalists, aided by the media, have been massively successful with their propaganda campaign and in shutting down opposition to it.

I also suspect that Bush is out to salvage whatever he can of his 'legacy'.

John Nicklin said...

And the loonacy continues. If Bush jumps on the wagon, who's left? Well I guess everyone has gone to the left.

Al Gore wins, welcome to the new global government that Chirac called for.