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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Correction Demanded: BBC article "Global temperatures 'to decrease'"

Update: Welcome to readers of small dead animals, and thanks Kate for the link.

Jennifer Marohasy reveals a fascinating trail of emails between environmental activist Jo Abbess and BBC Environment reporter Roger Harrabin, which eventually led to the BBC changing their original story Global temperatures 'to decrease':

In particular instead of reporting the story as received from the World Meteorological Organisation, the BBC modified the story as demanded by the activist who was concerned that in its original form it supported 'the skeptics' correct observation that there has been no warming since 1998.


And according to Paul Biggs who blogged on the changed BBC story here, the BBC headline has actually been changed three times and at one stage was: Global warming 'dips this year'.
At the time of this post, the BBC headline has been changed back to the original "Global temperatures 'to decrease'".

What is troubling is the BBC's willingness to alter the headline and thrust of an accurate story simply because they were challenged by a global warming alarmist upset that it contained a reference to the "skeptics" position.

So much for a free, independent and impartial press.

Update: Marc Sheppard gives a blow by blow report of the changes made to the BBC article. It isn't pretty.
While the original's opened the door to reasoned debate, the opening paragraphs of the latest rendition purposely slam that door shut.
And that, after all was the goal, wasn't it?

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