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Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Goracle preaches to the faithful in Montreal

The Church of Global Warming yesterday enlightened about 250 "enviro-disciples" to "go forth and spread the bad news about climate change".

On the second day of his weekend visit to Montreal, climate-change prophet Al Gore said: Let there be enthusiasm; and there was enthusiasm.

And Gore saw the enthusiasm in the eyes of the 250 Quebec and Canadian climate-change disciples he had come to train and he said: Let there also be enlightenment; and there was enlightenment.

The enlightenment took the form of intensive training sessions that Gore held yesterday at the downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel in Complexe Desjardins for 250 Quebec and other Canadian disciples of his crusade against global warming.
Do we need any more proof that global warming alarmism has become a pseudo-religion? If you should be lucky enough to encounter any of these self-described "secular missionaries" of the Church of Global Warming, you might find it interesting to see how they react when presented with some straight-up facts.

Somehow, I suspect they won't be interested.

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