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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gore challenged in San Fran

It's hard to believe that this story comes from the left coast, but here's a reader comment posted at that tells an inconvenient story of some people in the audience of an Al Gore speech in San Francisco who actually disagreed with, challenged and heckled the Goracle. Oh, the blasphemy!

Read I was there today for Gore's speech at RSA.

After 15 minutes into the meat of his speech, Gore exclaimed that "the Arctic ice cap will be completely melted within 5 years". You could hear some gasps in the crowd. Not sure what others thought, but I thought it was without merit. So now it gets good. About a minute later, a brave young woman in her early twenties near the front row begins to tell Gore that he is wrong. He trys to laugh it off. She stays standing and continues to yell at him. Before her interruption many people began to leave early. I think the 5 year melting of the arctic was too much.
More here.
After talking for about 20 minutes, the first of three hecklers stood. A young woman started challenging Gore to admit he wanted to depopulate the Earth. She stood, taunting for about a minute before several security guards arrived to escort her out. As she was removed, a young man and a young woman toward the back stood up and began singing loudly. They, too, were removed. Then, after several minutes of silence from the audience, a middle-aged man stood up and started yelling that Gore was lying to the audience. He got the boot, as well.
I guess this is why Gore won't allow the press in to his speeches.

h.t: Tom Nelson

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