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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour: Let there be Light!

I almost missed it but tonight is Earth Hour. The usual media hype doesn't seem to be there like it has been in previous years. Is Earth Hour losing it's trendiness? Anyway across the land tonight, many well meaning but misinformed individuals will be taking symbolic action in order to fight what they refer to as "climate change":

"When I get up in the morning, I'll turn off the furnace unless there's danger the pipes will freeze," Rezansoff says. "I'll turn off all appliances except the fridge, and we'll eat fruit, vegetables and sandwiches. In the evening, we'll play board games by candlelight."
While these folks will be briefly experiencing what life would be like without all the modern conveniences that that science, technology and free enterprise have brought us I will be celebrating the Earth and the many wonderful resources she provides us with by TURNING ON every (incandescent) light in my house. I will be watching FOX News Channel on my big screen TV and cranking up the furnace to make sure I'm nice and comfy while I eat my roast beef.

Earth Hour: Let there be light!

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