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Friday, March 25, 2011

Health care

In today's National Post, Shaun Francis examines the case of a Toronto woman who was denied a life saving drug by Ontario's Ministry of Health - until enough public pressure was brought to bear on the Minister. Francis points out how government health-care bureaucrats decide what treatments will be allowed and when they will be permitted. These bureaucrats must, after all, control costs within our health care monopoly. From today's National Post:

During last year’s debate over Obamacare in the United States, right-wing critics accused reformers of promoting “death panels” that would make life-or-death decisions about citizens’ health care. Obamacare defenders insisted that such a notion was ridiculous.

Yet here in Canada, “death panels” dictate our health care every day — even if that is not the name they go by.
Francis goes on to explain that our health care system is not "free" as many like to think. In fact, he shows how high the costs are, and that they're increasing all the time, while service continues to degrade.

Socialized medicine is a great system if you don't mind the long wait times for treatment, having to go without certain life saving drugs and having little or no choice within the bureaucracy. There has to be a better alternative to the current government run monopoly. It's time to introduce some competition in our health care system.

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