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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Silencing the skeptics

The impact of climategate on the credibility of some key global warming alarmists was significant. Now comes the backlash. And no, it doesn't involve a scientific argument.

At CO2 Insanity, John O’Sullivan writes:

Beleaguered global warming religionist, Michael Mann has signed up a Canadian libel law firm that has ties to the ultra-green David Suzuki Foundation (DSF). Skeptics fear DSF and other warmist groups are gearing up for reprisals against skeptic scientists who have helped derail the global warming tax raising juggernaut.

Internationally renowned climate scientist, Dr. Tim Ball and prominent U.S. skeptic Chris Horner appear to be the first victims of a coordinated attack by discredited ‘hockey stick’ graph conjurer, Michael Mann.
Read the full article. Please.

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