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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Global Warming, Or Global Con?

Here's a snippet from today's editorial at Investor's Business Daily on the IPCC's fourth assessment report:

Accepting something like Kyoto, which would dismantle our thriving free-market economy while reducing global temperatures by an estimated 0.04 degree Celsius over the next century, an amount too small to measure.

It would achieve this trifling result only at the cost of literally trillions of dollars over that time — money that will not come from some imaginary place or "global resources," but out of your pocket.

After all, when the U.N. grandly says "we must work together," what it's really saying is, "Americans must foot the bill."
In today's National Post, Terrence Corcoran says the recent doomsday pronouncements from the IPCC are having the effect of someone shouting "fire" in a theatre - except it's a theatre that's full of other people who are also shouting "fire".

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