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Friday, November 16, 2007

The never ending winter of 2007

Sorry Al, looks like you're wrong again: Lowest November temperatures in 90 years.

Someone must tell Al Gore the same or invite him to visit this corner of the world. It is a never ending winter here in South America. “What a hell is happening this year with a seven-month winter”, asked a famous TV journalist about the unusual climatic winter of 2007 that began with fury in May and still persist in November. Buenos Aires recorded this Thursday (November 15th) the lowest temperature for the month of November in 90 years. Temperature in the Downtown weather station reached 2.5C. Since records began more than a century ago, only two days had colder lows in November. It was in 1914 (1.6) and 1917 (2.4). And ninety years ago the urban heat island effect was much less pronounced than nowadays, what turns the temperature observed today remarkable.
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Zookeeper said...

And Marmot Basin is open this weekend for skiing in Jasper. Earliest ever. And the towns in the Canadian Arctic that rely on barges to deliver supplies have to get their winter provisions flown in, because it is an early freeze-up., this climate change thing is harsh. I was hoping for something warmer...