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Friday, November 16, 2007

Just what part of 'yes' don't you understand?

via John Gormley:

But this week the feckless Stephane Dion, the first leader of the Liberal party since dance marathons not to become prime minister, brought the Alice in Wonderland feel of question period to a new place.

Dion arrived at question period ready to demand a full public inquiry into allegations against ex-prime minister Brian Mulroney.

He was evidently well prepared -- a bit too prepared it turned out -- with just the right sound bite questions.

As question period began, it was clear that Prime Minister Stephen Harper had changed his mind from having a mere review by a neutral third party to accepting Mulroney's own request for a public inquiry.

In answer to Dion's first question, Harper announced he would appoint an independent person to "provide the terms of reference for a full public inquiry."

After listening to the answer, Dion sprung to his feet, demanding the prime minister "step up to the plate and do the right thing, that is to launch immediately a full public inquiry."

Harper: "I just answered this question about a public inquiry. The independent third party will give the government the appropriate terms of reference for such an inquiry, and such an inquiry will be launched."

Dion (evidently staying on script): "Mr. Speaker, even Mr. Mulroney is calling for a full public inquiry. The prime minister must be the only person who does not think it is a good idea. Why? What is he afraid of? Will he do the right thing? Will he take on his responsibilities and call a full public inquiry now?"

Harper: "Mr. Speaker, the problem is that the leader of the Opposition has whipped himself up into that question and has failed to listen to the previous two answers. That is precisely what the government will be doing."

It is hard to fathom where Dion can go from here. Don't expect it to be to 24 Sussex Drive anytime soon.
That's why around here, we refer to him affectionately as the "current" leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

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