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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Shame on the CBC

Dr. Tim Ball & Tom Harris have written a four five part series published by Canada Free Press titled "CBC’s continuing denial of the climate science debate". Here's an excerpt:

Like the network itself, The Fifth Estate has violated its own mandate with ‘The Denial Machine’

The CBC television programme, “The Fifth Estate”, describes its raison d’ etre as follows:
“to challenge assumptions and question conventional wisdom, and most importantly to give voice to victims of injustice who deserve to be heard but have been silenced.”
But what if The Fifth Estate itself is the perpetrator of the injustice? What if it is their own network that has ignored and mistreated those who disagree with “conventional wisdom” on an issue of national importance? Will the programme then “challenge assumptions” on which fashionable views are based? Or will they simply parrot political correctness, carefully ignoring, or denigrating the opinions of those who spend their lives studying the field?

If the past year’s repeated broadcasts of The Denial Machine (aired for at least the 15th time on October 28th on CBC TV) is any indication, then the answer to these questions are obvious--when it comes to climate change, the Fifth Estate is not even remotely interested in questioning conventional wisdom or even following basic journalistic ethics. They are climate campaigners--state-funded propagandists, pure and simple. And, as is usually the case with partisan activists, the ends apparently justifies the means in their eyes, no matter how disreputable.

My (Tim Ball’s) own experience with Fifth Estate staff is a case in point.
Read more... link to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

Update: be sure to check out the documents linked below...
To learn more about the lack of any known consensus in the scientific community about the causes of the past centuries modest warming and forecasts for the future, readers may read a paper prepared by the authors as well as the PowerPoint slides that accompanied the presentation of this paper.


Anonymous said...

I am no fan of the CBC. But, for once, they seem to have got it right. We have a large group of people in in non-government, non-industry labs and tough Univ programs who bust their nut to get trained in math, physics, etc. and then do serious studies, which they expose to heavy-duty scrutiny. And then we are supposed to ignore the masses of those scientists accept the word of some armchair BA/MA guys like Tim Ball who avoided real science classes, but preach to us? Are you kidding? Sorry. Wake up, world. The Ball and Harris types are manipulating your opinion, to think that real scientists are the ones who are wrong. This post will probably be rejected.

JR said...

It sure is tough for anyone but an AGW pusher to be heard in the mainstream. You've got to give top marks to Ball, Harris et al for their stamina in trying to get their arguments aired.

There's an awful lot of the likes of the above commenter, Arnie, around - shilling for the one true belief - lying, obfuscating, spreading misinformation at every turn.

And, naturally, a pox on the CBC. More excellent reasons to scrap the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Well... here is a meteorologist speaking... does that count as someone who busted their nut to get trained? Watch the video.

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

arnie, I must admit that I am a fan of folks like Dr. Ball and Tom Harris who, despite being constantly attacked by AGW alarmists, continue to plug away and try to get their side of the scientific debate into the media and government circles.

And no your post will not be rejected or deleted. I will not deny debate here as long as it remains on the science and maintains a reasonable level of decency.