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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Condi on the UN

My favourite US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice weighs in about the UN:

"The United States of America will be asking that the Council convene again to take up the matter of one member of the United Nations calling for the destruction of another member of the United Nations, in a way that simply should not be allowed, if you will pardon my saying so in polite company."
The UN needs to deal with this problem called Iran soon or they may find themselves dealing with Rep. Trancredo's UN Eviction Act.

BTW, did anyone watch the McCain-Obama debate tonight?
John really beat up Barry pretty bad over Iran.
"I do not believe that the Iranian people as a whole hold these views," Rice told the council on Friday, "but their president has said that another member of this body, the United Nations, should be wiped from the face of the map, should be destroyed, and should not exist.

"That is simply unacceptable," she told the Security Council.


Louise said...

Ya, well. She can say whatever she wants. The UN is still a toothless, useless, corrupt club of old dictators and nothing will happen. Go Tancredo!!!!

John Nicklin said...

Brussels would be a good place for the UN. Put all the useless things in one place so we know were they are.