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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Rodney Hide is right

Rodney Hide is an MP in the New Zealand Parliament. The following are his comments regarding NZ's proposed Climate Change (Emissions Trading & Renewable Preference) Bill published by the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition:

I think I will be the only person speaking in this debate who has any qualifications in environmental science.

It is not that that should count, but I think that it is significant for what I am about to say—that is, that the entire climate change - global warming hypothesis is a hoax, that the data and the hypothesis do not hold together, that Al Gore is a phoney and a fraud on this issue, and that the emissions trading scheme is a worldwide scam and swindle.

Enacting this legislation will cost New Zealanders dear—that is the point of it - and it will drive up the costs of basic goods and services for New Zealanders probably by at least $500 or $600 a year.

It will put businesses in New Zealand out of business. It will put farmers off their farms. And it will do all this for no impact on world weather, for no environmental gain, and for no conceivable advantage to New Zealand or to the world.
Facing an impending election call here in Canada this week Stéphane Dion, the current leader of the opposition Liberal Party, made some hasty changes to his own unpopular shifty green carbon tax proposal. But the problem, Stéphane is that Rodney Hide is right.
The problem for the first two Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change reports was what was called the medieval warming period, where a thousand years ago the Earth was warmer than it is now.

Then, magically, an obscure physicist in the US came up with a new bit of analysis - the hockey stick - that showed world temperature to be flat and then rising dramatically as the world became industrialised. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change grabbed this, put it on the front of its document, and repeated it five times.


The science was rubbish, because a computer model is not science. Science is about theories, hypothesis, and the testing of these against the facts. That is not what has happened in the basic science here.
The IPCC models were wrong. The data in the IPCC reports was skewed and biased. The conclusions of the IPCC were wrong. Carbon emissions do not cause "global warming" or "climate change". Neither a "cap and trade" system or a shifty green carbon tax will do anything to protect the earth's climate.

Dion's Liberals want a shifty green carbon tax because it is just that. A new tax. Global warming is an irresistible excuse for "tax and spend" liberals to bring in new taxes.
Speaking to his caucus on Wednesday, Mr. Dion said a Liberal government would set aside hundreds of millions of dollars to help groups likely to be hard hit by his proposed new fossil fuel taxes.
If his new carbon tax was truly "revenue neutral" as Dion claims, then why would he need hundreds of millions of dollars to help Canadians who are "hard hit" by his new shifty green carbon tax?

As Rodney Hide says, it's a "worldwide scam and swindle".

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