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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Global Carbon Emissions Beyond IPCC Projections

A post today at the alarmist Science Daily states:

Despite the increasing international sense of urgency, the growth rate of emissions continued to speed up, bringing the atmospheric CO2 concentration to 383 parts per million (ppm) in 2007. Anthropogenic CO2 emissions have been growing about four times faster since 2000 than during the previous decade, despite efforts to curb emissions in a number of Kyoto Protocol signatory countries.

Dr. Pep Canadell, executive director of the Global Carbon Project said "This new update of the carbon budget shows the acceleration of both CO2 emissions and atmospheric accumulation are unprecedented and most astonishing during a decade of intense international developments to address climate change."

Emissions growth for 2000-2007 was above even the most fossil fuel intensive scenario of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (SRES-IPCC). While the developing nations of China and India continue to increase emissions, China has improved the carbon intensity of their economy since 2005, based on data from the National Energy Administration in China.
Three points need to be made concerning this article.

1) a decade of "intense international developments to address climate change" has done nothing to curb CO2 emissions and they continue to rise at "unprecedented" rates. This is an admission that the Kyoto Accord is an absolute failure.

2) China, now the single largest emitter of CO2 "has improved the carbon intensity of their economy". This is the exact same measure that Stephane Dion endorsed when he was the do-nothing environment minister in Paul Martin's Liberal government, but now as leader of the Opposition he opposes and criticizes the Harper government for its use of intensity targets.

Reading the Science Daily article, one would think that communist China was setting a fine example by reducing their carbon intensity. Oh but then they're socialists.

3) The 3rd point is based on what this article doesn't tell us. And that is despite all these "unprecedented" increases in CO2 in the past decade, the Earth has actually been cooling since 1998. As a matter of fact, there is strong evidence to suggest that we may be headed into a prolonged cooling cycle caused by, of all things, a marked decrease in solar activity.

This is deception by omission. And it omits this very important fact because it does not fit the alarmist model. How can the Earth cool when CO2 emissions continue to rise at "unprecedented" rates?

There must be something else at work here.


Zookeeper said...

Electoral Intensity:
If a Liberal candidate wins by a larger majority than previously, this is higher Electoral Intensity.

The total number of ridings won is obviously irrelevant. Good thing for Dion...

John Nicklin said...

Just wait for the new and improved CO2 induced anthropogenic global cooling.

And the article shouldn't point too many fingers at China, Europe itself is contributing way more GHGs than they promised. But, like Dion, they are our moral superiors so we're not supposed to question their actions.