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Monday, October 13, 2008

Green Party in chaos over May's "secret deal" with Dion

As the Canadian Federal election enters its final days, news is emerging of a possible "secret deal" between Green Party leader Elizabeth May and Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion. Via Bourque Newswatch, a top Liberal organizer "fears a secret deal has been cooked between Dion and Elizabeth May":

...which may explain why she has been meeting with "key Liberal organizers" and is now actively telling Green Party supporters to vote Liberal, of all things.

This, according to our Liberal insider, in exchange for a possible Senate seat and a place as Environment Minister in a Dion-led government. To be clear, Ms May's curious strategy of backing Dion is creating ill-will within her own party to the point that "a lot of Green candidates are upset", according to one national news report this morning. Add to that the fact Dion himself is urging Greenies to go red and join the Liberals.
There's more...
In recent hours, Bourque has heard from a number of senior political operatives, notably senior Green Party standard bearer David Chernushenko, who told Bourque that
"Integrity is when you make your actions consistent with your words and your promises. We all look for leaders with integrity. Too bad they are so hard to find. Green Party candidates should expect nothing but full and unwavering support from their leader. They have not received it. She has failed utterly in this one and most important obligation. To back them all to the end. In our 2006 leadership race, only when pushed by me, she promised Green Party members that of course she would back GP candidates 100 percent. Alas, the facts speak for themselves. If I were a candidate, I would be furious. I would feel let down by my leader when I needed her most. I wanted to stay out of this campaign entirely, but when I saw Green Party candidates, voters and donors being sideswiped, I could not stay silent. My friends and family deserve more respect. The Green Party is is not a "flag of convenience" to be raised and lowered on a whim."
Elizabeth May and the Green Party: politics as usual. Stephane Dion and the Liberal Party: desperation.


He [Dion] characterized Ms. May as “courageous”, saying that “for the sake of Canada she wants me as prime minister of Canada.”

Mr. Dion was speaking to a small but enthusiastic crowd of about 75 Liberals at a rally in the Ottawa area riding of Ottawa Orleans
OK, so we are in the final days of the election and all Dion can do is muster the support of 75 Liberals? in the nation's capital? Holy shit.

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Updater: Blue Like You asks, "why isn’t this situation being investigated by Elections Canada?"

Updaterer: Angry explains about Section 481 of the Canada Elections Act.

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JR said...

Excellent work, Dog. Let's hope the MSM stays on this. Joanne at Blue Like You refs you and asks a very good question: "why isn’t this situation being investigated by Elections Canada?"