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Friday, October 3, 2008

The knockout punch of the debates

Too many debates to watch last night, if you can call that attempted ambush and gang rape of Canadian PM Stephen Harper a debate. The VP candidates in the US were much more civilized and interesting.

I'm not going to analyze either of them, other than to say that 1) Harper clearly won by not lowering himself to the level of "the gang of three and a half" opponents and that 2) Governor Palin delivered very nicely thank you against Senator "Papa Joe" O'Biden, who for his part uttered a number of falsehoods which should provide McCain with some good ammunition for new commercials going into the home stretch of the campaign.

There was really only one knockout punch delivered in the entire evening. It begins at the 2:05 mark of this interview of former Clinton advisor Dick Morris on Fox News Hannity and Colmes.

Ouch! It must hurt to be Alan Colmes.

Update: American Thinker has the list of Biden's Big Lies All 14 of Them


John Nicklin said...

All CNN seems to be able to recall from the debate is how many times Palin winked at the audience. Really, is that all they can come up with?

Biden told so many untruths during the debate that his nose should have grown a good two ro three metres and they can't say enough good about him.

Palin winked 9 times, wow, that's high level political analysis for you.

Louise said...

"the gang of three and a half"
hehehehe. Who is the "half", May or Duceppe or Dion? I know Layton is one third.

A Dog Named Kyoto said...

Lousie, take your pick as to which one is only half there. My first instinct is that it's May. But then there's Dion... LOL