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Monday, October 13, 2008

The red-green pact

Could those rumours be true that the red red Liberals and the green Greens are making "secret deals"? Well, better take a look at this CPAC video of Green Party candidate Larissa Shasko and Liberal candidate Cal Johnston discussing a "coalition" in Saskatchewan.

Via Climbing out of the Dark

The Greens and Liberals (with Carolyn Bennett present) try to form a coalition in the riding, but the NDP will have none of it. All this, just to stop those scary Conservatives. They never stop to think that people might actually like the Conservative platform and think that lefties are wrong. It never even enters their carbon riddled brains, that they just might be the ones who are off track.
Let's give the NDP candidate credit for having the good sense of not allowing himself to be drawn in to this sorry mess.

h/t: SDA

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Louise said...

The NDP candidate in Moose Jaw has been in politics for most of his life. He must have just relished his encounter with this naive little tart. What a fool she is!!