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Monday, April 9, 2007

Cold Easter weather

Remembering that this year we experienced the coldest February in 28 years, I couldn't help but think that this Easter weekend's weather was unseasonably cold too. Turns out that it was - see Winter temperatures move in for long weekend (Toronto).

But this unusual cold was more than just a local weather event here in southern Ontario. Seems that it was a little more widespread:

Atlantic Canada pummelled by Easter storm (CTV News)
More snow, wind, ice pellets on the way for parts of Atlantic Canada (CBC News)
Easter Weekend Brings Snow and Chills (CBS News)
Cold Snap Postpones Spring Festivities (Boston)
2 Weeks into Spring, it's feeling a lot like Christmas (Boston)
Christians brave the cold to celebrate Easter outside (Chicago)
Once again, snow dumps on Seattle Mariners, Cleveland Indians (CBC News)
Easter morning could be coldest on record (Tennessee)
Cold Snap puts chill on Easter Festivity (Atlanta)
Freezing weather across the South could threaten crops (Atlanta)
Temperatures tumble as South celebrates Easter (Myrtle Beach)
Record Low Temperatures Set at Mobile and Pensacola (National Weather Service)

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