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Friday, April 20, 2007

David Suzuki, environmental economist

David Suzuki was to present a petition on climate change to Environment Minister John Baird today. Suzuki claims that 30,000 Canadians supported his online petition in which they said they are ready to "pay the price" required to deal with climate change.

However, as anyone who participated in Suzuki's on-line petition knows, no matter what opinion was expressed, pro or con, the survey recorded all submissions in it's favour. This petition is utterly biased and worthless. I wonder if Suzuki included the results of the on-line poll which was mysteriously removed from his website when the results went terribly wrong.

Just to up the rhetoric, Suzuki said that governments who ignore his warnings on climate change will be committing a "crime against future generations". What would be a crime against future generations would be to ruin the economies of the great western nations chasing a dogmatic belief that we humans can alter our planet's climate. In response to this report by Minister Baird on the crippling economic impacts of implementing Kyoto, Suzuki said:

"First of all, let's stop listening to the goddamn economists," he said.
Right. That's the attitude. Let's just listen to zoologists turned enviro-terrorists like Suzuki when they rant about the economic impacts of not following their advice:
"Twenty per cent of the economy will disappear. It will cost more than World War I and World War II put together. We'll go into a kind of depression we've never, ever had in all of history."
After labelling the government's economic report as "fear mongering", it's interesting to see how easily Kooky Suzuki can resort to that very tactic without batting an eye.

Let's just add another feather to the cap of David Suzuki, environmental economist.

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