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Friday, April 20, 2007

Holding governments accountable for environmental policies

A voice of reason from The Natural Resources Stewardship Project:

"Governments must be held more publicly accountable for their environmental policy decisions," said Dr. Ball. "Their plans must be subject to unbiased, transparent and scientifically rigorous hearing processes in which experts from all sides of environmental issues are invited to testify along with the affected parties."


"Tax dollars must not be squandered on feel-good 'green' plans that have little basis in real science," said Dr. Ball. "This approach only hurts the economy by diverting tax dollars away from important environmental issues where attention is needed."

The recent committee hearings into the federal government's Clean Air Act and the Kyoto Implementation Bill are prime examples of politicized processes that entirely excluded experts on one side of the issue. These hearings were symptomatic of an overarching problem in society - the yielding of government and industry to the frequently unreasonable and groundless demands of environmental activists.

Dr. Ball is right on the money. Misguided "green" policies like Kyoto only serve to divert huge amounts of money that will have zero effect on our changing climate. It is money that would be far, far better spent on cleaning up pollution or on adaptation to climate change.

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