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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dems to campaign on climate change in '08?

In Crazy Like a Fox, Samuel Thernstrom explains why Al Gore’s extreme proposals on climate change are smart politics—and bad policy.

The most important—and entirely unreported—aspect of Gore’s congressional testimony was his clear signal that he was aligning himself with the do-nothing-now hardliners. For the moment, Gore’s agenda essentially boils down to one thing: Elect Democrats.
Would the Democrats really withhold legislation on climate change so they can campaign on the issue in 2008? Considering all the alarmism about how dire the situation is and how urgent it is that something be done now - before it's too late - one would expect the Democrats use their majority to take action immediately.

Or is it just politics as usual?

Perhaps they should ask the current leader of the Liberal Party of Canada how this strategy is working out for him.

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