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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


More evidence of our cooling planet:

The coldest air of the season, with temperatures at mid-January levels, has blanketed the Carolinas. That will mean near-record daytime temperatures today in Charlotte, and possibly a few inches of snow in the mountains.
and this...
A potent nor'easter will blast the Northeast today with strong winds, heavy rain and wet snow as a huge dip in the jet stream pushes cold air as far south as central Florida....

According to the Winter Weather Center, up to a foot of snow will fall in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania through tonight, while even more than a foot of snow will be dumped in the Adirondacks of New York.
Meanwhile some people remain out of touch.


Louise said...

Chuck is always championing dumb causes. Good thing the monarchy is not much more than a symbolic figurehead these days. I can think of some of his ancestors that were similarly endowed and what they did for England and the Empire. Not good.

Zookeeper said...

Your comment was apropos of...what, exactly? What is the dumb cause that you refer to? We have been told for 15 years to be afraid of global warming and temperatures are lower than they were when the fear mongering started.

Louise said...

Um, halfwise, care to rephrase that so it makes sense?

Maybe before you do, you could read the link provided by our host, A Dog Named Kyoto, to Prince Charles's current pastime at the words "out of touch". Background reading should help, and laziness is not excuse.

Louise said...

*no* excuse

Zookeeper said...

Guilty as charged. I thought you were impugning our fearless blogster, not HRH Next in Line to the Throne.

Mea maxima culpa. Stop by my blog and harass me if you care to.