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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Kyoto suit dismissed

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by greenies against the Canadian Government to force it to prepare a plan for meeting the emissions targets of the Kyoto Protocol.

Such an order would be so devoid of meaningful content and the nature of any response to it so legally intangible that the exercise would be meaningless,'' Judge Robert Barnes said in a 40-page ruling issued today.
For his part, back in April Environment Minister Baird said,
...that Canada couldn't meet its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol without causing a recession. An economic impact report presented by Baird said implementing the Kyoto plan would result in 275,000 job losses in 2009 while the cost of electricity would rise 50 percent after 2010 and gas prices would increase 60 percent.

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Anonymous said...

More wasted tax dollars pandering to nut-bars. It's no wonder the world economy is tanking, we spend billions dealing with these groups delusional fears.