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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Carbon Offsets Swindle

Any investigator worthy of his/her salt will tell you to "follow the money". Here's two very good examples.

Canada Free Press has an article called Creators of Carbon Credit Scheme Cashing in on it which follows up on Al Gore's interesting connections to Maurice Strong and Molten Metal Technology, Inc of Massachusetts. See also my post on Blood and Gore.

Update: Rush Limbaugh takes notice. [audio] [more audio]

Doug Ross takes a look at the carbon offsets market and Al Gore's company Generation Investment Management and asks if this is all a $250 Billion scam?

Wanton profiteering appears to be at the very heart of "carbon offsets." Put simply, a wide range of respected scientists, environmentalists, researchers, agriculturalists, and activists believe that carbon offsets are a "scam", "fantasy", "fiction", "nonsense", "fraudulent" and worse. And they've been saying so since 2000 (...)
Ross offers up a number of examples of environmental groups calling the carbon offsets market as "fictitious" and even "fraudulent" and goes on to explore what he terms "The vested interests of the UN's IPCC Panel".
Solar energy portal Ecotopia reports that members of the IPCC "...had vested interests in reaching unrealistically and unjustifiably optimistic conclusions about the possibility of compensating for emissions with trees... [and] should have been automatically disqualified from serving on an intergovernmental panel charged with investigating impartially the feasibility and benefits of such 'offset' projects."
...the whole carbon offset boondoggle appears to be a "fraudulent market" of epic proportions. It has been denounced by scientists, environmentalists, academics, and researchers almost continuously since May of 2000.
That "market of epic proportions" approaches $250 billion, says Ross. There's lots more. Go read it.

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