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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Journal Reviews

Here's a couple of interesting journal reviews by the folks at CO2 Science.

First, this one by Jones, P.D. and Briffa, K.R. (2006). Unusual climate in northwest Europe during the period 1730 to 1745 based on instrumental and documentary data in Natural Climatic Variability in Northwest Europe.

Heat waves and cold spells. It makes little difference to climate alarmists, who say all such aberrations are due to CO2-induced global warming, as anything out of the ordinary is fodder for their catastrophe mill: it is bad, and it is a result of human activity. The new study of Jones and Briffa (2006), however, shows just how short-sighted such unfounded claims can be.
And then there's Russell, J.M. and Johnson, T.C. (2007) 20th-Century Global Warming and Central African Climate:
they conclude that "the patterns and variability of twentieth-century rainfall in central Africa have been unusually conducive to human welfare in the context of the past 1400 years," which is but one more example of the important fact that for most people in most places, the global warming of the past century has been a significant positive development.

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